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Affordable Web Design and Development.
A complete affordable solution for a modern, professional web presence.

Building websites since the 1990's, We have experience in all facets of Web Design and web development.

Pomeranian Sites Web Design offer unique Creations. Simple, elegant and effective Web Design.

Our Web Sites are professional and custom designed sites.
We work with our client to achieve the desired results.

Pomeranian Sites offer many choices.

Website Packages

Our packages begin with a low priced, basic foundation sites that may be added to and individualized to meet your needs and preferences.

We provide ongoing email support on how to manage and update your site, or if your require we can manage and keep your site updated.

We design and build html [ static] websites and CMS (content management system) websites.

Examples of the our html websites
Merle Pomeranians
and Show Pomeranians

The Larger Site Package allow for the use of a Content Managed System Web Site.

Breeder Full Content Managed Sites.

We design and build your full dynamic Content Managed System Website for ease of management.

The trend is now to move away from static html websites, with full dynamic databased CMS websites now being the standard for a professional, modern web presence.

Content Managed System or CMS websites may be slightly more expensive to setup, but once setup these type of websites are cheaper and easy to keep maintained.

To make changes to a Html site each page needs to be changed.
Not so with a Content Managed System or CMS Breeder Website.

Add pages, change text, add text and if you have a photo album installed add photos to your site on a regular basis.

All of the above will keep your visitors coming back to see more and will also win your website favour with the search engines.

The advantage of using a Content Managed System or CMS is the ease of making changes and updates to the site's content.

Our CMS breeder sites have a very easy to use admin area where you can modify and add new content,whenever you want. Putting the site owner in control of their website.
Update your website with ease.You can edit/update/remove/add content on your wesbite easily. Any time you like, as often as you like - for no additional cost.
No waiting on webmasters.

No fees for content updates.

Only pay for major updates or site redesigns
Update your website as often as you require.

If you are able to log in, cut and paste and/or type you will be able to keep your Pomeranian Sites Content Management Site updated.

Keeping your website up to date has never been easier (or cheaper!) If your prefer we can also manage the updates and modifications to your CMS site.
This site "Pomeranian Sites" is an example of one of our content management sites.
Other examples of our CMS Pomeranian sites are White
& Pomeranians in Australia

Pomeranian Sites Website packages include A free consultation. Custom design. Choice of background color or texture. Choice of color of text and fonts. Custom graphics. Banner [static] . Initial content insertion. Photo preparation. Custom meta tags.
Free ongoing email support.
Extra Pages and Photos may be added to any of our packages .
Extra features may be added to our CMS website. We can build and install Photo Albums, Slideshows and many other other extra features.

Pomeranian Sites Offer a Re Design Service. We can re design your site into one of our CMS or static html sites.

Contact us if you have any questions.

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